Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect after Working on Some Golf Swing Drills (part 2 of 2)

It is also possible that you are not maximizing your golf swing if you are not in the right position when you take the shot. To do this correctly, imagine that you and the ball are inside a small square. Better yet, put some masking tape on the floor and then practice swinging.

If this is not the problem for your shots, check on your divots. If the angle is to shallow, you should practice hitting the ball on a side hill below the feet. Should this angle be too deep, do the exact opposite. Hit the ball on a side hill above the feet.

Some golfers have a problem with their flat swing. If you are one of them, do some swings with your back 6 inches away from a wall. If you don’t butt or your back does not come into contact with the wall, then you are doing this correctly.

In golf, the winner is determined by whoever has the least number of strokes after completing 18 holes. The golf swing drills mentioned are very simple so you don’t have to buy anything to improve your game. You just have to make some adjustments to your form with the help of coach, a mirror or a camera. If you are able to make the necessary improvements, there is no doubt that you will perform much better in your next golf game.

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